Rayya Haddad usually carries her camera around with her wherever she goes. She is someone with a passion for dance, percussions, nature, and food. She has often thought of what it would be like to mesh all of these loves into one project. Based in the United States with a thirst for travel, she is currently immersed with mother earth. Through her versatile upbringing in her creative practice she has found herself creating interventions, performances, photographic projects and installations that attempt to bring light to a possible alternative reality within society's problematic framework with social strata. These works take various forms that address the social strata construct of race, social status, as well as gender.

With commercial photography her work is primarily focused on product ranging from fine jewelry to the culinary arts and the portraiture of couples as well as nudes. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute, Chicago after her studies of sociology in New Orleans, Louisiana.