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It is still common to encounter prejudice in our world. It still continues to take a form in these times as mentalities on it have evolved along with us. Few have but ceased to see skin color as a hindrance to the equity in opportunity that man has struggled centuries to attain.

The varying social statuses that exist in the form of a hierarchy within the society are an obstacle that aids the perpetuation of prejudice. It is these two elements in our multi-faceted and perplexing, still young society that I am to shine a light on here. As each society is unique and so the presence of the prejudice that exists within it varies due to a number of factors. History, immigration & emigration, social rules and norms and even legislature all contribute to this. In the United States these reasons are different than in Lebanon which are also different in The Netherlands for example. There are also global agreements and standards of some kind that make certain behaviors and actions abominable but that doesn't mean that they do not still exist. They do, institutionally within most modern day societies. This is not to justify but there is a need in understanding the different backgrounds to this global phenomenon. Why are we still struggling with each other's color and slight physical differences after centuries of co-habitation? The uniqueness of each society’s case is questionable as this social problem exists and persists in most parts of the world.

With necessary background research done on the first migrations to Lebanon from Africa, namely Sudan, to our ever present migrant worker communities that have only become more pronounced in these past two decades; I will play a visual trickery of sorts. The research on the past is to try and better understand the roots to this prejudice specific to Lebanon. How is it so deeply ingrained? When did people of darker skin or differently shaped eyes begin to arrive to the country in large numbers and why does the racism still exist with such blatant prevalence.



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