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Intimacy photography can include a variety of experiences. It is the idea of recording one's experience of connecting to something. It can be a re-connection or a new connection. This experience may be happening with the self, nature, a loved one or a space. It comes from bringing together the words Connection and Photography. As a photographer I orchestrate a collaborative experience with one or two other people and the camera plays the role of the witness. Perhaps you are experiencing a re-connection of sorts with yourself. That could be as a result of a strong personal experience such as child birth, trauma, the start of a new job, death, some news that shocked you, becoming a parent for the first time, surgery, making up with a loved one, the experience of an accident, recording your first music album, meeting of birth parents etc.


Or perhaps you have discovered a new-found joy within nature or you have found a new place that has enriched you. It is possible that you have been part of an experience with mother earth that brought you a particular kind of love and you want to honor that place and your connection to it.


Maybe you have found yourself in a healed relationship with a loved one. That could be with a family member, significant other, lover or friend. Is it that you have recently moved into a new space or built your own abode or maybe had an altering experience and found yourself in the next chapter of the same place where you have already been dwelling?

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