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A note from Hanan Haddad, Author of Culinary Adventures and my dearly loved mother like no other  ;-)

This cookbook is an invitation into my kitchen to cook together. I've learned a lot in my years cooking in so many capacities and would like to pass that forward, just as much of this wisdom has been shared with me. Cooking is about trial and error and learning to use your intuition. Tweak the recipes according to your taste and don't be afraid to experiment and mess up. Mistakes are the best teacher in kitchen blunders always make for the best memories. This cookbook is organized by meals.


Culinary Adventures is temporarily available for direct purchase from Rayya for $45.

If you would like to order the book online please visit

From my mother:

Rayya, my dearest daughter and friend, what can I say about your artistic photography? What a pleasure it is to have your colorful pictures embellished the pages of my cookbook. It was hard work climbing ladders to capture the right angle, setting up fixtures for the perfect light and, last but not least, coordinating it all with your busy schedule traveling to and from Beirut. Baking cookies and tasting the recipes together was also great fun and I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else.


The experience of working with one's parent on a long term project is surely a unique one.

What a true labor of love.

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