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                                                                        Photo Walking Tours

Are you interested in photography in Asheville and want to learn more?
The Photo Walking Tour is probably your answer

You're welcome to bring ANY still camera that is either digital, film or your phone for this experience. Bring the newest phone you have access to.


River Arts District
Downtown Asheville
Carrier park/Hominey Creek
Grove Park Inn Hotel

Customized tours are also possible

By appointment only, Please contact me by email


COST- 1.5 hours 

WHY- Cuz you love taking photographs and want to learn more about it. I love sharing about that through my 30 years of experience from the darkroom to sun exposures (cyanotypes) to mirror-less cameras and a variety of digital photography.
WHAT- This is an opportunity for photography lovers to pick up a few technical tools and photograph people and anything we will encounter during the walk. We’ll start with a few basics at the beginning which you can take into our walk. I have 30 years of photography experience from film & the darkroom to digital and Photoshop & Lightroom (a photo editing app) and will be there to answer any of your questions. I have been hired as a photographer in four continents and. Please feel free to contact me beforehand for any questions.

Book your tour by emailing me


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