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nothing but yours

It is rare for somebody from the west to come across the evidence of war right at their fingertips. Since WWII the occurrence of war, invasion or foreign occupation has escaped the United States.


These small size prints are meant to be handled delicately by each viewer directly in their hands and are kept stacked on top of one another in a small wooden box and white gloves for careful handling.


In the immediate aftermath of the war, siege and invasion launched on Lebanese soil between Hezballah and Israel in 2006 these images were produced, bringing the material loss to the hands of those who have not experienced it first hand, a western audience. The intimacy of such interaction may allow a person to think twice about the repercussions of war on the individual. These items are all personal ones having belonged to someone previous to their state in the ruble. Loss is relative to each person experiencing it, be it in a "battle zone" or in the bedroom. It is a personal experience but through it we may be able to find common links within our experience as individuals. It is in these moments of loss that we are often experiencing what it means to survive. This is a brief attempt to visually bridge the gap between the experiences from two parts of the world. Being able to link two regions of the world we call the East and West, though these terms are far to general in the experience of war.


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